It's Simple - Dumbbells.

Photo: Single Dumbbell Row Featuring Steel Clothing Women's Pink Crop Box Tank
Photographer: Jamie Campbell - Campbell Media
Author: Vanessa Leigh Kurtzman - ISSA Certified Fitness Coach & Trainer
The word dumbbell was created hundreds of years ago. Athletes used hand-held church bells to train their

upper bodies. The bells made loud noises during training so they decided to remove the clappers. The bells became “dumb” and the equipment was now called the “dumbbell.”

Today, with all of the new machinery, exercise classes and upcoming workout trends, dumbbells tend to be one of the most underutilized pieces of equipment in the weight-room. They are often used just for warm-up sets or to perform the classic bicep curl. Many people have the thought that strength and intensity can only occur through other methods of training such as barbells. Others see these pieces of iron and in confusion or fear, walk the opposite way.

In truth, dumbbells are one of the most essential and impacting part of any training regimen. As one of our world’s first pieces of training equipment, they are the ultimate form of weight training, specifically in resistance exercises. 



Use of Synergistic & Stabilizer Muscles

When using dumbbells, you are constantly forced to adjust your body and the position of the dumbbells. This allows you to use synergistic and stabilizer muscles far more predominately than any other piece of equipment. It creates for precise movement and joint stability, along with utilization of additional muscle groups.

Muscular Control & Physiological Advantages

Dumbbells are more versatile and allow for multiple movements and less restriction. They require a lot of muscular control, directly connecting to the patterns of kinesthesis. Dumbbells challenge your muscles. Having to control two pieces of equipment creates more complex motor activity. This also allows for unilateral training (one limb at a time), alternating and single-limb training.  

Full Body Training Benefits

In addition to what is mentioned above, dumbbells solely make it possible to train all major muscle groups while incorporating multiple muscle fibers. 

Exercise Variety

It is essential in any training program to incorporate variety to prevent familiarity and for both mental and physiological benefits . Dumbbells provide a range of exercises and variations, allowing for continued growth. There are over 7 different types of dumbbells that provide additional challenges and an array of movements within themselves. Dumbbells are beneficial to all levels of fitness and can be adapted in all aspects of training.


So next time you are at the gym, pick up the iron and go hard.

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