Throw 'Em Up


Photo: Boxing Featuring Steel Clothing Women’s Pink and Black Racer
Photographer: Jamie Campbell - Campbell Media
Author: Vanessa Leigh Kurtzman - ISSA Certified Fitness Coach & Trainer


Boxing - the latest trend in high intensity interval training.

Boxing is the ultimate full body workout that will help you lose weight, tone up and gain mental and physical strength. Physical activity is proven to be a stress reducer. Boxing in particular can be a great outlet for stress relief. In addition, throwing a few punches and kicks into your workout routine will provide numerous physical results. 

Muscular Benefits

  • As a cardiovascular exercise, boxing aids in shredding fat.
  • Incorporating a consistent boxing regimen can lead to muscle definition in your abs, arms, shoulders and lower back.
  • As a form of high intensity interval training, boxing will burn a high amount of calories in one session and continue to burn calories hours after training has ended.
  • Improved muscular endurance.
  • Improved core muscle strength due to fast rotational movements.
  • Explosive movements result in an increase of strength and power.
  • Moving multiple body parts at the same time boosts co-ordination and body awareness.

5 Basic Movements

  1. Left or Right Jab - Straight punch from guard position, fist rotating with horizontal impact with immediate retract.
  2. Right or Left Cross - Powerful straight punch thrown across the body.
  3. Left & Right Hook - Semi-circular power punch.
  4. Left & Right Uppercut - Vertical rising punch into center of target.
  5. Squat kick - Squat, side kick with left or right leg.
  6. High Kick - Power kick; raise leg to top of target

Sample Boxing Combo

10 jabs left hand

5 cross punches right hand

20 alternating left and right hooks - 10 per side

5 high kicks left foot

20 alternating left and right uppercut punches - 10 per side

10 alternating squat kicks - 5 per side

*REPEAT alternating left and right sides

*PERFORM 5-10 rounds or choose a time 8-12 minutes and repeat until time is up


Incorporate boxing as a part of your cardio routine, at the end of a workout or when life is a battle and you just want a little revenge.

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