Train for Results.

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Author: Vanessa Leigh Kurtzman - ISSA Certified Fitness Coach & Nutrition Specialist


The way a workout is performed is essential to reach any goal. Understanding how to use and train your body will give you the specific results you are working towards.

Each muscle is composed of two types of fibers:

  1. Slow-twitch
  2. Fast-twitch

The type of fiber that is activated during your workout depends on the exertion level. Utilizing both types of muscle fibers within your workouts is essential for optimal power and endurance strength. Lifting light weights for more repetitions works your muscles just as much as working fewer repetitions with heavy weights, however results are different. Our focus today is to discuss the results and benefits of activating fast-twitch muscle fiber during exercise.


Fast-twitch muscle fibers are activated when heavy weight is used. They are also the largest and most powerful movers in the body. The body recruits muscle fibers based on force - when lifting heavy, fast-twitch muscle fibers are activated. For muscle growth and fullness, it is important to utilize this type of heavy lifting.


Keep intensity high. Repetitions should range between 4 and < 10. Fatigue your muscles. Push your body to the maximum to complete each set. Naturally, when your body is forced to fatigue it will also activate fast-twitch muscle fibers. Keeping rest time between sets short will also help to activate this level of fatigue and fast-twitch fibers. Keep movements explosive and quick, enhancing your power and speed simultaneously. Incorporate a heavy lifting day every 2-3 days in your workout split, giving your body time to recover in the days between.


An additional benefit of lifting heavy is burning more body fat. The heavier the weight the more calories burned with each rep. Lifting heavy requires fast-twitch fibers which tap into fat stores in the body for energy for readily available for oxygen. Fat-burning hormones are released and as a result continue to burn fat up to eight hours post-workout.

This is for the females - The benefit of more muscle growth will enhance your muscle definition. In other words - it will not make you bulky.

Remember, when lifting heavy, do not sacrifice form. Proper form is essential for full results of any exercise.


Now, get to the gym and lift some heavy weights.

And remember, train to use your muscle fibers and train for results.

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